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Ice Raven - Sub Zero Adventure
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The blood in my veins is from good old Northern stock, I’m not a great fan of hot places, I struggle to stay cool even on a British summer day. Jungles don’t appeal to me much either, far too many things trying to eat me or drink my blood. I have a healthy respect for heights and hanging over precipitous drops by my fingernails really isn’t my idea of fun. I’m not much of a swimmer either, so it might seem that my opportunities for adventure are slightly limited. 

I do however love the cold...

My name is Gary Waidson, although most people know me as “Wayland”. I’m a photographer, living historian and freelance teacher. I’ve always had a passion for wild places, especially in the winter and this site is all about getting out there into some of those places, especially the Arctic Circle and the Great Boreal Forest. It’s about living and travelling in comfort in some of the worlds most breathtaking environments. 

There are many places that you might employ some of these skills, from Tundra to Taiga, snowy mountain tops to glacial valleys and this site can never be exhaustive about them all. Being British I tend to think in Centigrade when measuring temperatures, so when I refer to the “Sub Zero” environment in these pages, it will of course begin at 0 Centigrade. The temperature that water normally starts turning into ice. That doesn't mean the fun stops there though, I can assure you that it gets much more interesting below 0 Fahrenheit.

I hope you will enjoy exploring this site as much as I have enjoyed putting it together and perhaps it will even inspire you to take part in a Sub Zero expedition of your own.


Sub Zero Crew - Bushcraft UK

Unless noted otherwise, all photography, artwork and content on this site is copyrighted. © Gary Waidson 2020 All rights reserved

The Ice Raven Project promotes sustainable and low impact bushcraft and wilderness skills in Arctic and winter conditions. This includes the use of  tents, tarps  and snow shelters where possible. Fires are only used where safe and where use and collection of firewood will not damage the natural environment. We often travel to locations by public transport and then use snowshoes, sleds, toboggans and pulks to transport our equipment into the wilderness.